Ocelot Reintroduction Plans on South Texas Private Lands

Lindsay Martinez presents the efforts underway to breed endangered ocelots in South Texas

Ocelot Reintroduction Plans on South Texas Private Lands
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The East Foundation is a private landowner in South Texas that has a mission to advance land stewardship through research, ranching, and education. The East Foundation has been protecting and researching endangered ocelots on its coastal El Sauz Ranch for over a decade. In the last three years, the East Foundation and several conservation partners have also worked together to create plans to reintroduce ocelots into parts of their historic, but now unoccupied, range in Texas. Lindsay Martinez will present the science and the policy behind the current plans for reintroducing ocelots to the East Foundation’s San Antonio Viejo Ranch. Lindsay will discuss the future for ocelot population expansion and recovery on private lands, with key emphasis on the East Foundation’s Programmatic Safe Harbor Agreement for ocelot reintroduction.

Lindsay Martinez is a Research Program Coordinator for the East Foundation. One of her main roles is working on ocelot conservation planning along with the East Foundation science team and partner organizations. Lindsay previously worked as an intern and technician for the East Foundation, including one stint assisting with ocelot field research at the El Sauz Ranch in Willacy County. Lindsay recently obtained her master’s degree in Rangeland, Wildlife, and Fisheries Management from Texas A&M. She also has a bachelor’s degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Princeton University. Lindsay is originally from Montana but enjoys working on wildlife in Texas now.

To attend this virtual presentation, send an email to Monica@TexasNativeCats.org.