Our Texas Mission

We exist so that wild cats in Texas continue to exist. Two of our native feline species are extinct in the state; two of our remaining three species face many perils.

We advocate to ensure that we don't lose more wild cat species again.


The Story Behind Our Organization

We are a Texas-based organization of volunteers interested in acquainting Texans with our cat species. Our goal is to expand educational outreach and to improve the lives of threatened Texas felines.

Our mission is to provide education and outreach about wild felines that are native to the State of Texas, their history, characteristics, habitat, importance and future. Texas Native Cats gives these silent animals a voice.

We convey the untold story of these cats and their struggle to survive. Yet they have a unique role in nature, helping to maintain lower species to keep them from proliferating.

Cat Species
Commitment to Improving Cats' Lives
Team Members
Years of Combined Experience


We sincerely hope that our organization helps you connect with these wild cats in some way, and that you’ll realize how fortunate we are to have these animals in our midst.

Ryan Trimble

Ryan Trimble is a public affairs professional with nearly two decades of experience

Marianne Ortiz

Marianne is a seasoned public relations and media professional

Monica Morrison

In 2017, Monica founded Texas Native Cats, a 501 (c)(3) for Texas' five cat species

Roberto Saucedo

Roberto Saucedo has a background in creative marketing and conservation photography

Karin Saucedo

Karin is a wildlife conservation photographer with more than 10 years of experience

Our team

Meet the Team Behind Our Organization

Our dedicated team members come from a diverse range of backgrounds yet share a unifying passion for the conservation and advocacy of Texas' native cat species.


Frequently asked questions

Have questions about Texas Native Cats, our mission, or the species we protect? You're not alone! We've provided answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Where does my donation go?

Your donation provides supplies and fees for outreach events, education expenses, trail cameras for cat studies, and mundane but necessary expenses like insurance.
As an all-volunteer organization, no contributions go toward salaries or benefits.

Which cats in Texas are under threat?

Our ocelot is endangered and has been since 1972. Our mountain lion is considered to be threatened / imperiled. And our bobcat, though stable in numbers is often the target of wildlife killing contests.

Do other organizations help our cats?

Yes, several do. But Texas Native Cats is solely dedicated to our wild Texas felines.