Marianne Ortiz

Marianne Ortiz

Public Relations

Marianne is a seasoned public relations and media professional with nearly 20 years of agency experience providing strategy and communications

About Marianne Ortiz

Marianne Ortiz is a seasoned public relations and media professional with nearly two decades of experience providing strategy, communications counsel and impactful media results  to clients in a variety of industries. She is a skillful storyteller and enjoys getting to the heart of an organization’s challenge and determining how communications can play a role in the solution. Marianne is currently Vice President of H+K Strategies’ office in Dallas, where she works primarily on sustainability initiatives for global manufacturing and consumer electronics leaders. 

She fell in love with animals at an early age and is passionate about protecting wildlife. Combining her personal interests and professional experience, Marianne advocates for stronger wildlife-related legislation across the state by providing education, working with media and implementing social media programs for Texas Native Cats and other initiatives working to protect wildlife and their habitats.   

Marianne lives in the Dallas area with her husband.  In her spare time, she loves to travel, listen to live music, and support wildlife and nature conservation efforts.